Lorde and Charli XCX attend the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.


all i really do is masturbate and wait for you to text me

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I really liked this one guy but he stopped talking to me because I wouldn’t fuck him the first time we were supposed to meet up and that shit is literally the worst.

I don’t get any response like “Not interested anymore” or “This isn’t gonna work” or “My life’s too busy right now”. I get dead silence. I get blocked. I mean…

I pride myself on being a laid back guy but some men are just COMPLETE assholes.

A downside was that he was the mother of a punk drag haus I wanted to join (since Savannah has literally two groups of drag queens), so guess trying to get in that is out the window.


WOW. too real


Gaga: *sings about burqa in Aura*

white people: that is racist and offensive she needs to stop appropriating muslim culture

actual muslims:


can we just talk about sabrina of saffron city for a minute? she was the original “THAT bitch” of pokemon. she didn’t even have to lift a finger to whoop someone’s ass. and she turned her mom into a doll because she annoyed her. like damn. slay me goddess